9 Sneaky Ways Dollar Stores Try to Scam You

You know how electronics basically run our lives these days? What if we were to tell you that, with something as small and simple as a battery, they could be ruined? It is the truth if you’re planning on picking up your batteries from the dollar store. 

While you may be saving a couple bucks on each package of batteries you buy, you’ll be paying for it in the end if your favorite battery-powered gadget dies. Dollar store batteries, like so many other products in dollar stores, are cheaply made. They won’t just break or stop working though, no, they may in fact leak, thus not only causing you to be out a dollar, but potentially hundreds of dollars if they leak inside your top-of-the-line electronics — or at the very least, cause you the inconvenience of having to order a replacement remote or part of the gadget. 

Think about it: who wants to go a day or two without being able to mindlessly scroll through Netflix? It’s barbaric. You’d be better off spending the few extra bucks literally anywhere else to ensure that your lifeline to the world lives to see another day the next time you need to replace its batteries.

Source: mashed.com