High Humidity And Health


WASHINGTON — With temperatures in the mid 90s expected coupled with high humidity and air quality alerts, spending time outdoors can be unpleasant during the summer months. Add exertion — from …

So, high humidity in your house can cause health problems, sleep discomfort, mold to grow, harmful bacteria to spread and also some damage to your home. Whenever you are spending time in your workplace or home with a humidity level of over sixty percent, it’s likely that you would experience particular health concerns.

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On the other hand, condensation can occur if the humidity is too high, which can lead to the unwanted formation of …

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Aug 08, 2016  · It’s especially important to note just how harmful high humidity can be to our health. What is Humidity? In a nutshell, humidity is a measurement of how damp the air is or isn’t in any given environment. Your air isn’t just air – it contains moisture in varying degrees depending on the temperature. The higher the air’s temperature …

Aug 02, 2016  · It’s enough to make you wonder exactly how the high humidity levels are affecting your body and your health. How are indoor humidity & health related? We’ll share some facts about the adverse effects of too much humidity beyond personal discomfort, as well as common causes of high humidity indoors.

Apr 25, 2014  · High Humidity Causes Health Problems. Consequences of relative humidity rising over 60% and above are the air feeling stale, your hair getting frizzy, and feeling hotter than it really is. That’s because more humidity in the air means your sweat is not evaporating as fast as it usually does.

The study’s findings regarding health complaints associated with moldy indoor environments … “All that is needed for mold …

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