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How to Link to a Specific Line or Paragraph on a Web Page Using HTML by Christopher Heng, Linking to another page on the Internet is pretty much a standard part of designing a website, so much so that it is included as a basic skill in any course on creating a website .

LINK WITHIN A PAGE. L inking to anchors is very similar to normal links. normal links always point to the top of a page. Anchors point to a place within a page. A # in front of a link location specifies that the link is pointing to an anchor on a page. (Anchor meaning a specific place in the middle of your page).

Dec 13, 2014  · The following are the steps to link to a specific place on a page. Navigate to the place to which you want to link. Immediately after the text to which you want to link, enter an anchor. This text will be at the top of the screen when the link opens.

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Mar 03, 2016  · How to Link to Part of a Page. In order to link to a specific part of a page, you need to do two things. 1. Add a point to link to. First, you need a way to mark a place in the page. We’ll do this by adding an ID attribute to a heading element on the page. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. 2. link to that specific point

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