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OBACERATE Derived from a latin word meaning “to contradict,” if you obacerate someone … OB-AND-SOLLER An ob-and-soller, according to the oxford english dictionary, is “a person who engages in …

Examples of “optimize”. The model should help define boundaries that optimize effectiveness while supporting good governance practices. typically, front-page editors on high-traffic news media sites will want to monitor their pages in real-time, to optimize the content. The minimum batch size is 500 kg, to optimize fermentation.

“If you’re having a hard time at any stage of the process, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a writer … in pueblo community college’s English/Communications Department recently had one short story, titled …

This might mean visiting the country, but you can learn a lot online … If a job has been advertised in English, it’s definitely possible that you won’t need any Swedish at all, and companies that …

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‘Ms. Shyam believes that by using alternative energy and recycling as much as possible, the institute can optimise use of its resources.’ ‘In an earlier article, we highlighted how to optimize stock to deal with the uncertainty in forecasting demand.’

optimize meaning: 1. to make something as good as possible: 2. to make something as good or effective as possible: . Learn more.

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