Other Names For Senior Citizens

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Starting July 1 — when UPMC and Highmark’s insurance networks are set to officially split — thousands of seniors and people … Highmark and UPMC in the name of the public’s interest.

Senior citizen synonyms. Top synonyms for senior citizen (other words for senior citizen) are older person, elderly person and old person.

His name is Mike Candrea … just take it in and really live it to the fullest.” McQuillin and five other seniors — hillary Edior, Gina Snyder, Joelle Krist, Rylee Pierce and Tamara …

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Westchester County, N.Y. (April 29, 2019) – With the new year came several important changes affecting seniors and their … so long as all other persons in the same class receive the benefit …

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I know when they have the ball I’m calm, and I think when the other girls on the team see that they have … Four freshmen and five sophomores start for the Eagles, who have only two seniors. Arena …

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